Jordan 11 Legend Blue, best choice for sport

Are you impressed the way every time when Barney in the How I Met Your Mother says "Legendary"? well, I am. So what kind of things could be called Legendary? Here is my answer: Air Jordan 11s Legend Blue. As the name suggests, this pair of Jordan sneakers is without doubt a Legend. Whether the style, the shape, or the color is what you care, Air Jordan 11s Legend Blue present you with all the best Air Jordans ever could, as if telling people that it is called Legend for a reason.

The Air Jordan 11s Legend Blue's color is mainly blue, that's for sure, but it looks blue in another way. Legend Blue 11s may push your nerve to a totally new extreme, for the blue color is not those old moody blue but the exciting hot blue which drives you high to the sky. The moment you see it you would feel sensational, rocky. Maybe that's the reason why some rap stars always love to wear it when rapping(you know who I'm talking about).

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